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Good. One of his wives described a dinner party they attended just after being married. I'm not sure of the context or his phrasing but a tipsy Ernest announced to all guests that his wife had just had an operation to...uh make their genitals more compatible. What a guy.

Hunter Thompson wrote a fictional story, and he makes it clear that it is f I c t I o n a l. Hemingway is a terminal alcoholic, depressed and suicidal. He lacks a reason to go on living. He must prove himself, even if only he knows about the potentially messy affair. So, Ernest, a gun collector and living alone in Montana, picked out his favorite shotgun. He had used it often before so he knew the "pull" of the trigger. He loaded it and put the barrel in his mouth. Then he pulled the trigger slowly, and stopped just in time.

He did it every morning, the way some people would wash down 30 mgs of Adderall or put a dabble of cognac in his/her first coffee. But then one day he overdid it. Don't be like Ernest. Just let nature takes it course. [note to self: too dark?]

Not arguing with you, but about the photo, he is famous for saying that he wrote standing up and in the nude. The view must have been spectacular.

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He also advocated writing drunk so that may have accounted for him writing standing up and in the nude! The story - not sure why almost shooting himself every morning would prove anything positive or give him a reason to go on living. If he knew the pull of the trigger, how after some time of doing this every morning and thus learning even better the pull of the trigger, did he then shoot himself? Just a question - not sure if you mean this story has already been written in it's entirety or given the note to self you are planning on writing it and only part is written or something similar. There is also a book called I Killed Hemingway where someone else is supposedly responsible for all of Hemingway's claimed exploits and just allows Hemingway to take all the credit eventually shooting him.