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What's sad is most tyrants are so narcissistic they actually think if everyone just does what they say, then the world will automatically be better. They think their understanding of the world is so much better than everyone else's, that they have the antidote to all the pains of the world.

And then the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Some might.

Some might be well aware.

And I think some might actually have some of the antidotes, but not want to share them for reasons.

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And then the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Can I expand on this a bit? The common phrasing here is a little poor in its logic and doing a simple validity test with variations and inversion doesn't yield a positive result either, for example: the road to paradise is paved with bad intentions (possible). Or the road to hell is not paved with good intentions (also possible) etc. etc.

To dissect it better, the proper reasoning is that the road to hell is actually paved with personal feelings enacted as good intentions, toward hap-hazard agendas resulting in unfavorable outcomes. While an inverse variation: the road to paradise being paved with good intentions- after an impersonal reconciliation with personal feelings concluding towards an agenda that results in favorable outcomes.

Yes. There are impersonal feelings and then personal feelings. The impersonal aspect is collective while the personal tends to be individuated. The reconciliation of the two would merit a better outcome with a better agenda, but people take stuff too personally (not impersonally) due to situational pressures thereby sabotaging that reconciliation. You know, like some tyrants and whatnot.

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That's, just like, your opinion man!

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Sounds like all the people I know of a certain political persuasion.

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This is a great quote and I was unaware that Camus had said it.

Thanks Saidit!

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Welfare claim: "If we each take the Pyramid of Debate seriously, we can have a great website for exploring new ideas and having respectful, rational, conversations with other people."

Tyranny using inconsistent application of "welfare" policy: "Low-information hatred is at the bottom of the pyramid of debate." yet /s/feminism (dedicated to low-information hatred of a political group), /s/ice_poseidon2 and plenty of low-pyramid, low-information content remain on the site.

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feminism is just a guy who is antifeminist posting videos no one ever looks on. I'm anti feminist though, maybe you could call it hatred but really just disagree with them, women have it good in this society and complain too much. Ice poseidon, I admit I don't understand what that is and why it's so popular.

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women People have it good in this society and complain too much


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bad nit pick. clearly women have it better. sure men have it better that like a thousand years ago. But can't ignore the difference.

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I mean people in general are predisposed to laziness and subjectivity. Its (possibly) a vaunted fault of biology leading to stagnation, but if you are complaining about women being complainers without being one then it may yet further prove my point?

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true but it is ok to complain about something if it is a fact, not ok for women to complain how hard it is for them since that is false.

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The constitution doesnt matter if a virus showed up (with a 99% survival rate). We get one of those every 2 years.... so let's do a 6 trillion dollar corrupt "bail out" every 2 years. The founding fathers, having suffered under tyranny, would have upheld the constitution even under the plague, let alone this flu virus................