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Has anyone else besides me met extremely authoritarian jews that think they are benevolent and peaceful? I have met several that genuinely think that their people are benevolent oligarchs.

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Absolutely fits the bill

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But God chose them to be the biggest assholes ever. That's what he meant by "the chosen ones". They're not his favorites group of tribes.

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This guy's just an asshole.

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No, he's just a jew.

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    gnostics would say the material world is unclean. They sure were right, based on this topic. They'd say Jesus was an illusion because the son of god wouldn't be made of unclean mortal flesh.

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      good point it's like sola fide. Just an excuse to sin.

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      I compare them giving out porn for free to things like facebook, youtube, this site being free. They can sell ads, they can sell info, they can ask for donations, have other paid tiers etc. It's obvious why sex can make money. Porn used to be in playboys and penthouse and cost money. What if they gave those magazines out for free. Almost no periodicals are free. There were weeklys in major towns that were free. They got money from ads. I think it would be too hard to make enough money only thru ads for playboy. Or vhs videos they sold in shops, they couldn't have ads and if they did people would fast forward thru them. A lot of christian people wouldn't want to go into this business but jews do and they do it for the similar reason they didn't mind lending money to goys.

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      To subvert and destroy this people that makes terrible slaves. They, well WE simply don't fit in their plans for world enslavement.

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      christinity split off from judaism. Why was that. Jesus was pissed off at how jews made the temple a den of inequity, and how they sold out to the romans. The romans did a lot of sinning especially the emperor. There are conservative jews who would be against this kind of thing. Orthodox.

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      Well Christianity is entirely different from Judaism. The Old Testament isn't a Jewish book, it's a book about many peoples and maybe 5% of the people talked about in it can be considered either Jews or proto-Jews. Either way, it's not THEIR book. That's just their schtick: steal things from other peoples and claim it was theirs all along.

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      not sure that matters, like if you're a WASP the new testament isn't about your people.

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      I don't understand, what do you mean?

      Also, the original biblical, old-testament meaning of "Israelite" includes blue-eyed, blonde-haired Aryans. Everything has a context.

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      ehhh nah that's not an israelite

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      Yep, read the old testament.

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      just checked yep no blonde blue eyes jews

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      Because you don't understand. The Israelites isn't the Jews. They steal and co-opt everything: the word Israel, now become a nationality called "Israelite" has no common meaning with the bible's use of the same term. They do this on purpose of course, so they can point to thousand-year-old texts and say: See? THAT'S US!

      No. It isn't.

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      "By "authoritarianism" he means his host nation."

      No he means the legally-enforced (i.e. authoritarian) socially conservative culture that existed in the years leading up to this interview. Remember when swearing was such a big deal, gay people didn't have equal rights, we were teaching creationism in schools, etc.?

      Edit: Definitely should have also mentioned the same culture would try to outlaw pornography. Eventually those effort failed on 1st amendment grounds, but that didn't stop the conservatives from trying.

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      Call me a German person from World War II, but I think there may be a middle ground where children are taught heredity instead of how to put stuff up their butt.

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      instead of how to put stuff up their butt.

      Are you against sex education generally, or just when it's focused on gay people?

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      Children should be taught the biological reality of sex and reproduction.

      They should learn the cold facts about the existence of individuals carrying incurable diseases in their orifices, without being exposed to shocking imagery, softcore banana porn or worse.

      They should probably read the studies that show that sex with multiple individuals results in unhappy non-reproductive lifestyles down the road.

      Homosexual intercourse isn’t even sex to begin with.

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        No, it's fine the way it is. Most gays don't have human souls.

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        We were not really teaching creationism in school, though we were teaching ethics and Christians morality. Something that has been merely reduced to church going.

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        And it doesn't look like a generation without Christian ethics and morality is any better, right? I wonder whose influence... Nevermind.

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        Buuuuuuuut Judeo-Christian morality.

        The problem is the modern Jew is NOT the biblical Jews. That is all that needs to be said.

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        Al Goldstein? Does he speak for ALL Jews? Is he religious?

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        His delivery is clearly intended to be 'edgy' and provocative in every single question which ford asks him. I doubt his supposed motive in this interview, which comes off as a troll, represents that of even the seediest jewish pornographers out there. Far more likely that they just enjoy racking easy cash from directing blonde chicks to have sex with amoral indiferrence and without factoring christ into it.

        On the contrary, ultra - orthodox and religious jews ( as opposed to goldstein ) who dislike chrisitianity the most as a form of idolatry are universally against porn and vote for conservative social policies in any 'host' country, e.g ben shapiro.

        Meanwhile in israel where secular jews are in charge, there is plenty of porn, pride parades, slutwalks, sexual themes in public, and everything else which allegedly exists only to "subvert hosts".