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Conspiracy theorists terminology is just way to negatively stigmatise through association any form of a different narrative that contradictions a narrative that is put forward by the government or media or authorities. By creating a negative association with the term conspiracy theorists, meaning UFO and tin foil hats and being non credible and not based on evidence. They can take perfectly reasonable argument that are backed up by evidence and the narratives that follow and exclude them before they can be heard by people. As people are much more likely to ignore or exclude information that has a negative stigmatisation associated with it. Even if they hear the information, they will process it from a perspective that will allow them to rationalise the information to avoid the social stigma associated with accepting such a label being put on to themselves.

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Yep. CIA term.

I like the way Ian says he feels complimented because... then talks about shortcomings of others, which say nothing about him at all.

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An interesting attempt to flip the social stigma to a positive.

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Imo, people who self-identify as "conspiracy theorists" are like black people who self-identify as the n-word. Just bringing yourself down for no reason.

They have deliberately created an albatross for you to wear around your neck. Do not wear it. You can claim it's "empowering" to "take back" the word, but that's just a cope for the trauma, imo. It's better to sidestep it entirely. It's 100% designed to be an emotional trigger term to shut down people's ability to think (a thought-terminating cliche), so don't play in to that.

It's well-documented that the CIA began to popularize the term "conspiracy theorist" through the media with a program starting in 1969, as a smear against anyone who was questioning the official story of the JFK assassination. It has since expanded to cover anyone who questions anything controversial.

This is why /r/conspiracy is the one place on reddit where the truth is allowed, because it's designed to make the truth-tellers look insane by association with the word, which has been thoroughly intentionally sullied in the minds of the public through the media. Just sidestep this whole thing. The phrase has no power if it's never part of the conversation in the first place.

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The battle is "conspiracy theorists" versus "coincidence theorists".

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Sheep. They deserve everything they get!

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Researching consumes energy. Its supply is limited. Isn't it better to spend this energy on your own goal, than to waste it on what others people want from you?

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So if it is a conspiracy theory it is always correct?

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100 years ago there were probably only a handful of genuine conspiracies, Railroad cartels, banking and oil cartels, that sort of thing. Today there are thousands and thousands that the average person has to work through, from the price manipulation and shrink-flation at the supermarket(s), to the covid virus lies, to the unemployment statistics generated for public consumption. There are so many in fact that if you think you are being had, you might as well consider it a conspiracy because that puts you in a position to question the thing and find a better outcome for yourself if you can.

Conspiracy: An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.

Most conspiracies are simply wrongful acts I would assume, many illegal, and quite a few probably subversive. I think the stealing of a nations wealth through stock price manipulation fits the latter category.

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There are more conspiracy theories because there is an Internet. Not because there are exponentially more conspiracies.

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So you must have gone to public school.