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...... And what are people saying over that casket?

"Nice fucking shot, Chris."

Got any last words?

"Love one another, make something with your hands, and exalt the farmer."

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Few more great quotes from this man:

"Whatever you love to do, that's the sexiest part of you" Nick Offerman

"We are all brothers and sisters. I don't care if you're a librarian. I don't care if you're a litterbug. I don't care if you're a fan of celery. I don't care if you're that fuckin' guy. I don't care how low you are, we're all brothers and sisters on this planet. We're all sharing this space, and we all deserve the respect to treat each other with good manners. Say please and thank you. Get the door for each other. If somebody needs help with their groceries, jump up and give them a hand. You'll feel so much better -you'll blow their mind - feels incredible." Nick Offerman

"In wood working - everybody knows what a chisel is - it's a long flat piece of steel, the end of which forms a wedge shaped tip, that you sharpen to a very sharp edge, so sharp and strong, you can use it shape wood, like soap, or butter. and the first time you do that, correctly, you're hooked, you're bewitched. and everything in a wood shop is just some version of that chisel. A saw blade in a circular saw is just 36 little chisels in a machine that spins around. It's all just a form of a chisel shaping wood, and when you realize "I can shape this wood into anything I want to, it's so powerful, and I know I have a life time of study in front of me, that will be incredibly pleasing, just like eating pussy" Nick Offerman

"Avoid the mirror. The mirror, avoid it." Nick Offerman

"Intoxicants can provide some of the most beautiful and joyous moments in your life, they can certainly ignite your creativity, and just be fucking really fun, or you can use them like an asshole, and ruin it for the rest of us who just wanted to get high and go outside and look at a maple leaf." Nick Offerman