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WRONG... but also RIGHT

The US is a CORPORATION named US corp and company. All states, most towns, magistrates (star chambers), congress and most facilities are incorporated under the federal corporation.

The US corp is a quasi public-private for-profit corporation which was designed to regulate private corporations so to not end up in the chain corp land of food stamps and shitty pesticide ridden food. Who controls US corp and how is the kicker.

DNC is a private for profit corporation... GOP is a private for-profit corporation. Both select their candidiates which is constitutionally illegal but legal under their internal company code. Then we vote as limited liability incorporations for the Executive officer of the US corporation.

The more you know.

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The US single party system doesn't have a name, but it could be describes as the Corporate Banking-Business Party.

Or maybe the Zio-banking Business Party.

Corporate is better, because it addresses the immortal "incoporeal" nature of the legal entities that have hijacked the lives and societies of actual living people.

The purpose of these corporations is to reduce personal liability, and maximize profits.

Immortal, incorporeal, and drenched in sin (pick subjective evil term).

This could all be rectified with a single supreme court ruling. Eliminate the legal notion/standing of corporate personhood; which was added as a footnote to a railroad case (illegally by a courtroom assistant after the case has been decided, IIRC).

No need for congress, or executive action.

This would make the criminals personally liable for their corporate crimes.

Game over.

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There are many factions of the corporate plutocracy, and they are all fighting over who will consume the scraps, which are us.

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The problem is libertardians hate the US corp but use all of its privilages to steal from those who voluntarily pay for their welfare into US corp.

The problem in US corp land is greed, billionaires lobbying, regulating of the small guy but little of the big guy and nepotism.

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One group, two factions.

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Two wings of the same bird.

It's coke vs pepsi and I just want water.

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Or one coin, two sides. Either way, it means the same thing.

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It's Coke vs Pepsi and I just want Dr. Pepper.