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The only thing most people in Western Europe wanted to do after the plandemic lockdown ended was get pissed. That tells you all you need to know about society. We are scared to face the harsh truths of what is going on around us, our countries of birth are unrecognisable to us, violence is rampant yet the police are running round with rainbow flags and dancing at parades while 80 year old Betty down the street is being battered and raped. These are dark times.

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He also supported a lot of "charlatans".
People are usually skeptical about one thing and not about another.
He would probably have supported the lockdowns and other covid-bullshit.

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space is a lie, therefor carl is a lie

einstein is a lie

elon musk is a lie

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The argument that we are just simulations is more plausible than space being a lie.

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more plausible

in your mind, given your understanding, which apparently comes from rick and morty

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Rick and Morty is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network's nighttime Adult Swim programming block. Original release December 2, 2013

This appears to be a television show for kids that was released about 40 years after I quit watching television. I take it this is such a huge part of your life that you commonly compare other life events to it.

And yes, us being simulations is far more plausible than a massive aspect of our reality being fake.

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I take it this

nope, you take it. I pick and choose a few things to watch. It was funny. I laughed.

us being simulations is far more plausible than a massive aspect of our reality being fake.


and more things that are believed that can't be proven !

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doctor fauci say wear mask.

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He also said they were not effective and that we shouldn't wear any mask and that two mask is obviously better than 1 mask, but that there's no empirical data that it is the case, but you should wear 1 mask.

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later today, i will be enjoying eating at one of those "chinese buffets"... upon entering this restaurant, they will give me a mask, which i dont even put on because nobody is wearing a mask inside of the restaurant...

how the fk can you eat at a buffet and wear a mask? answer: you cant..

how the fk does an airborne virus not spread at a jam packed restaurant?

does an airborne virus somehow not affect people while they are sitting down to dine at a restaurant?

if we really were having an "airborne virus pandemic", this restaurant would be some kind of super super contagious spreader location, but it is not.

somehow, these freak muppets think that wearing a mask while entering this restaurant(but not wearing one while they are seated or while they are at the buffet), they actually think that they are protected from an airborne virus..

if there really was an airborne virus, people would be walking around in hazmat space suits..

the "covid virus" is a political weapon that was used to put people in fear while they took over the united states government... hint: the next phase of this takeover is gonna take everybody by surprise..

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Sad and true.

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Reminds me of that 80 year old lie where all reminded of every day.

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Speak for yourself, Carl.

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i think many civilizations have this tendency, rooted in human nature itself.

civilizations create the illusion of eternal life, and individuals give up their own understanding of the world to become a part of this illusion. so all techinical progresses are used to fulfill this illusion of eternal life, making it more comfortable, etc. but no technical progress shall be made beyond what is practical to fulfill that goal (space technology, genetic engineering on humans, etc.)

so in the long run civilization declines for that reason. people got more and more stuck in their belief that their world will prosper forever. more and more charlatans emerge, etc. until the collapse.