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Bill Gates (the Shoddymaster) once said that no PC would ever need more than 640KB of memory

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I think when he said that, computers wouldn't exactly fit into your pocket house.

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people are always having trouble projecting into the future... if i remember correctly, and i am not well educated, but i seem to remember that there was some kind of military officer who said that there was no real commercial application or use for this flying machine/aeroplane, except that maybe we could use it like a fancy carnival ride where people could go up in the air in it and go RRREEEEEEEEEee!!!

is that true, or is my memory playing tricks on me?

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That's an example of a retard. Our own military is probably equipped with the same according to the recent news.

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personally, i would hesitate to believe any thing that they say on the public news.

if they say it is six pm at night, i dont believe it.

whenever there is billions or trillions of dollars involved, every word spoken will be fabricated.

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The only truth you need to know is your own country outsources it's money. It's like living with your gf controlling your account and she changed passwords so you have no access but you don't do shit about it bc so cucked.

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since you are rather new here, would you mind properly introducing yourself to me? for example, the following information would be useful and helpful so that you and i can have a more productive exchange of ideas:

1) where are you located?

2) what is your nationality?

3) are you gay or hetero?

4) are you a transgender? if yes, m>f or f>m

thank you.

your friend,


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I'm translocation, so i can reside anywhere at anytime I'm transnationality I'm not gay i swear i am d<g>e<ef<sdw>wr<<tte<<ys>>a>xx>cfxt<t<y<y<u<d< Do you have anything fun to ask?

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is that a secret code? cuz i dont know what that means..

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    you are a terrible liar.

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    I'm trans truth I guess, are you a bigot or something?

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    IBM today is: How do you call that ? "Obselete". 90 % of their employees aren't even IN their field. 100 % of their bosses are concerned about money. That is why they fish for math for 11 € an hour. They got no concept of energy even and look at this.

    As i said: IBM was and IS obselete.