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Schopenhauer is the most grandiose teacher i can turn to when i want to learn about human nature, afaik. He definitely either was a Jedi or had a pact with some very mighty demons.

Maybe his dogs were the vessels that the demons he had a pact with occupied for an existence in this reality.

He is so fucking inspiring that till today his writings still can completely dazzle me, even-though i already read almost everything he wrote down.

My life-time teacher and definitely primus inter pares for the more philosophical inclined aspects of my personality.

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The Art of Being Right. I should reread it. It definitely improved my debating skills.

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That's on rabulistic.

Rabulistic is the "evil" twin of rhetoric, so to say. It definitely can help you win "conflicts" on the outside of your personal existence but is very corrosive to your inner existence at the same time, if you actually start to use it.

That is why i omitted rabulistics as a concept. I believe it will turn you into a tick or bobblehead sooner (more probable) or later (less probable), if you use it actually.

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The Art of Being Right

"The price is wrong, bitch!" -Bob Barker

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    or assassinated

    or astroturfs and paid actors are hired to drown out the truth

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    Mossad'ed, so to say. And for the other one maybe addos'ed fits. astroturfed-distributed-denial-of-service'ed, so to say.

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    A falsehood gets treated differently. First, it is ridiculed. Second, conservatives oppose it weakly for a decade. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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    this is happening to the blackpill right now

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    Third, people who talk about it are arrested and put in jail.

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    I should read it again. My debate abilities were unquestionably enhanced. @Rocket Soccer Derby