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einstein is like edison, unproportionately allotted more time than their contribution to society warrants

tesla is the real, einstein gave us what exactly?

an equation, that like the theory of gravity, can't be tested

they have 'proofs' rely upon projections that can't be tested (aka the space ship traveling at light speed away from earth)

it is my contention he is a deliberate liar, such as bill nye, the liar guy

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He says, don't make it more simple than possible.

The wisdom of the boundary of impossibility.

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I would often have this argument with my niece when I was teaching her math. When she would get frustrated she would accuse me of over complicating the concept, so I would tell her I wasn’t over complicating or under complicating; I was complicating it just the right amount. This of course would frustrate her even more.

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