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Miley Cyrus will never be a voice of reason. Her morals are like a stopped clock. She's occasionally right. Oh, and good luck cooking meth based on what they showed on Breaking Bad. You will blow your ass up.

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If this gets young adults thinking, then I'm all for it. She should be encouraged.

We should look past our personal biases

Why shame someone for critical thinking.

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With her past expressions of degneracry to attract attention, I think she needs to act mature from now on to earn respect. Of coirse she should be encouraged. I just don't trust that she's truly matured yet. I hope I'm wrong, because she's quite intelligent.

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Miley Cyrus' Net Worth Is Impressive For a 25-Year-Old, and How She Spends Her Money Is Inspiring. The article is probably a PR piece, but it contained the info I was looking for.

She was Hannah Montana at she 11. She was robbed of a childhood and working for Disney. Child stars go through hell.

Her adult development is very different from the norm. Most people in her situation have become deranged from Hollywood exposure. Who knows what she's been through.

One major positive is that she's not a man, so the likelihood that she's into the elite pedo crap is significantly lower.

I think she should be given the benefit of the doubt. What's the downside of that???


One major positive is that she's not a man, so the likelihood that she's into the elite pedo crap is significantly lower.

Although, if I was a teenage boy... I might take one for the team....

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Will she say this about "faggot"? It's just another curse word after all. If not then she's just another hypocrite that will censor somethings only depending on what she's offended by. She's trying to score points as if she had logical principles.

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rofl, she is far from being a bastion of morality, lol.

she wanted to get away from the "hannah montana" image, but she did it in the worst way possible.

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God forbid she should be a wholesome, positive role model. Yes, getting away from that is a great idea.

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We're pretty opposite from the European standards. They censor a lot of violence but are perfectly fine with drugs and sex. We glorify violence but are scared of explicity.

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Violence censoring is Germany (aka green blood and enemies are turned into robots in video games).

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Yes, we get it. To the entertainment industry and the rest of the Left, ordinary Americans are The Other.

You repeat it all the time. We got the message long ago.

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Kudos to you for separating the message, from the messenger.

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I don't want to read it since I see the name of Miley on the topic.