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I'd like to read them but I'm not installing an app to do so, do you maybe have a title list you could post?

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Unfortunately not, I could have developed it initially, but at this point it's not feasible for me to go back and create one.

I will say Telegram is a great place for dissident folks.

Lots of discussion groups, meme channels, and the like.

Do consider it!

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Fair enough, you've put a lot of work into it, sorry to be that guy.

I'll read some more into the app and maybe try it on a virtual machine. Thanks for the reply. I'm just paranoid of basically all apps these days.

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Hey np, we do need more people being conscious about infosec.

For the most part, I only use FOSS apps on my phone.

This will probably make you flip your lid, but you do have to sign up with a phone number like Signal.

You can use a disposable number site to complete verification though e.g.

(just be aware that you won't be able to sing in with another device without access to that same phone number)