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Yeah I dunno, I think they're legit, but the person is clearly trying to promote their blog, probably with the main purpose of getting ad revenue from traffic. I'm on the fence about removing this user.

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Their site isn't even a blog really, its just hosted on blogspot. Its just an endless list of greek albums with links that all go to god knows where. The sites look so sketchy I'm worried to try and DL anything in case my pc catches AIDs

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It seems the download links work, so I'm not going to remove this user.

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What's in the links though? Is it actually music at the end of all those links or is it malware in those zips?

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Yes they're just zip files each with an album of 10 or so mp3s and a jpg of the cover and back of the CD. Perfectly safe.

Not a fan of their download services they're using, but the music is legit. I listened to an album last night. Definitely not my kind of music haha