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So they're creating subs by using alternate names to bypass the time restriction. Just say that, lol

I'll look in to it

edit: I just banned their alt usernames and undid all the fraudulent mod positions they acquired

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I was just hoping you'd talk to them first. Thanks for dealing with it.

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Well I did talk to them and give them another chance, but it seems very unlikely they'll obey the rules now. I had to remove all the fraudulent accounts and moderator positions though, or else I'm just encouraging this sort of behavior

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Thanks for the details, that seems more sensible and fair.

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FYI, I'm not being racist by relating these Asian subs to the Yellow Submarine.

FYI: It's racist. Asians from these countries are generally closer to brown in complexion.
Far from yellow.

Having said that; a meme related to a brown submarine would invite even more criticism.

Submarine memes are racist.

You're racist.

One last detail: I've just been promoted for criticizing you.

I now have a green belt in SJW.

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Brown with yellow, like a porcelain Klingon freckled with corn that won't flush.

Of course it's racist. Even mentioning race is racist. Any race. Alien races to rat races to three-legged races. I do SJW Aikido while colour blind in Mork From Ork suspenders.

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/u/magnora7, Do as thou wilt.