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I'm think he calls out everyone and if you ignore him he gives up pretty quickly.

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Yes, but since airbus has taken to reporting other users for material he doesn't like, I thought I would point out that it is his conduct that is actually against the rules of saidit

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Well what does he even hope to achieve with that? The people looking at the reports will just be other saidtors who will ignore them.

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He got M7 to shadowban s/Boobs by mentioning him in the posts. There is no material there that is worse than debate alt rights racial slurs

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Some users do go overboard with socks. I've bumped up against the line with him myself. However, if you follow socks closely you'll see he brings it on himself. Harassment implies one 'aggressor' and one innocent victim. Socks is not an innocent victim.

"Harassment" is also a very broad term and a term that should mostly be used IRL. The way people most generally act online in 2022 could be considered harassment. My point being the bar for 'harassment' online should be a LOT higher.

The idea of a 'saidit cleanup' sub could also be considered harassing behavior in itself. Do we really need a tattle tale space on saidit? Or anywhere online? My vote is no.

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I agree, the reason I made this post is that Airbus has been reporting other users content even when it is not against saidit rules. He is a dirty little snitch, but he doesn't in fact follow the rules himself. I am merely calling out his behavior because he is a sad little snowflake hypocrite

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