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This also works with silver, which is why silverware was originally made of silver.

I think it's just cost. You can't have every doorknob being $100, and like mnemonic pointed out they would oxidize over time and have to be cleaned constantly to remove rust.

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A: Let's rob a bank!

B: Nah man, just stick your knife in my leg and give me a screwdriver

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I would guess:

  • Copper poisoning

  • Expensive

  • Oxidate too fast, difficult to keep large surfaces free of it and maintain it.

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Brass may be pricey, but how much money is spent on hospital borne infection; given its the 4th lessons cause of death in the USA.
That's an *easily" met rate of return.

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This article says it would pay for itself in 2 months:

Also it says the main reason they're not used is cost and most people don't know about copper's antimicrobial properties. Also apparently silver only works as an antimicrobial when it's wet according to that article, which I found interesting. But copper works dry.

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Brass functions the same, corrodes less, and is much more durable.
I'm guessing the hospitals have increased short-term profits from these infections, so the underlying obstacle to change is the profit motive. Profit Motive is the root of 9/11 causes of all suffering on the planet.

Also, everyone should replace 9/10, with 9/11 for high probability estimates. Let's make this happen.

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It's possible, but hospitals also get more patients if they have a better reputation, especially if there are many competing hospitals. So I doubt that would be their motive, because they'd be undermining their own business by providing a poor quality service and driving away potential customers.

I think it's more that they're just cheap and stubborn and these properties of brass aren't well known among people who would choose door handles while designing a hospital. Old habits die hard in the medical field.

Also I think This Is Spinal Tap beat you to the "It goes to 11" thing by about 30 years haha