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fun fact we don't even know the earth has a core, much less that it spins

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Why do you say such things? There are explosion acustic mapping techiques.

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And these have been verified by opening a planet, correct?

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By that logic you can't believe anything you see unless you physically touch it too.

That's not very logical.

Those techniques are verified using models. It's not voodoo.

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Verified using models? I believe you meant to say, "not verifiable".

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Imagine I have an old parchment I can't read because it is rolled up and too fragile to handle. I can create a model of it using other materials that best approximate the materials of the parchment. They don't have to be exact or to scale. I can use that model to test xray scanners, microwave scanners, infrared, backscatter, etc etc.

I use the models to create a technology that allows me to indistructively scan the model. I verify that the method works by scanning various models. Then I can scan the parchment and discover what is written on it without ever unrolling it.

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Please comrade, do not attack the gentleuser's faith like that!

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Just like glowbull wormening caused by me using plastic straws i put in the trash, eh?

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Do you think xray images aren't real because they don't cut the arm open to verify what is seen?

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xray images is like the worst example you could have used! Are you aware we have been slicing people open since before we used x-ray imaging tech?

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so what? You still trust the image without cutting open the patient. So why don't you trust an image of the earth?

Is it because you need it to be fake because it disproves some other belief you have?

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You're all worked up defending some guy's hypothesis based on an unverifiable belief, backed up by computer models of unknowable quality. Do better.

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Here we go with the ad hominems. I'm not worked up, you on the other hand are clearly emotionally compromised.

I'm not defending any hypothesis, I am simply stating the fact that acustic imaging has shown there to be a core.

The science here is high quality. Your claims are not. Do better.

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If this were true there would no longer be a magnetic feild. Your compass would stop working. Your phone has a compass and you can go into the settings to calibrate it.

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That logic only works if you assume the scientists, who are continuously baffled by the data, already know exactly how all of it works.

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Not at all.

If we know a lot about waves, and fluid dynamics. We have hundreds of years of experience with all kinds of imaging technology. We use ultrasound every day to diagnose fetal development. This very well developed and understood technology. Noone is baffeled by the technology.

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Has Earth’s inner core stopped its strange spin?