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But what if entanglement also occurs across time? Is there such a thing as temporal nonlocality?

The answer, as it turns out, is yes.

Just when you thought quantum mechanics couldn't get any weirder, a team of physicists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem reported in 2013 that they had successfully entangled photons that never coexisted.

Previous experiments involving a technique called 'entanglement swapping' had already showed quantum correlations across time, by delaying the measurement of one of the coexisting entangled particles; but Eli Megidish and his collaborators were the first to show entanglement between photons whose lifespans did not overlap at all.

This is their attempt to "simplify":

What on Earth can this mean? Prima facie, it seems as troubling as saying that the polarity of starlight in the far-distant past – say, greater than twice Earth's lifetime – nevertheless influenced the polarity of starlight falling through your amateur telescope this winter.

Even more bizarrely: maybe it implies that the measurements carried out by your eye upon starlight falling through your telescope this winter somehow dictated the polarity of photons more than 9 billion years old.

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Interesting link; I think all relates back to pure consciousness

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and ritual magic. Repeating actions again and again creates a resonance of mind across time, and getting out of 4D spacetime is the key to power. Build a long enough resonance and you stop being in the flow of it anymore.

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I don't want to hijack the thread, but I had the thought of 'leaving' Earth behind as we 'evolve'. I'm not talking simple human space travel, but metaphysical, and spiritual as well.

The concept in my mind's eye, would be similar to how I view my young childhood, I've got the memories, and some of the deep emotional reactions from that time period, yet I no longer really relate as such at the personal level.

Considering the amount of global ruins, perhaps we've had entire civilizations 'graduate'.

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if you let go of the concept of linear time (a 4d spacetme artefact only), then Those old ruins are sober reminders of future failures...

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Ah, so wise, so wise; that's awesome!!!! Man, onto to some thinking!

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Maybe he wasn't that crazy after all:

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I love PKD, guy was a visionary and a beautiful writer! Add a dash of this on-top, because who fucking knows what's going on anymore lol!

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I didn't watch the vid (did see both elong and alex Joe interviews though) But if you like PkD, read his exegesis: The exegesis of Philip k Dick: A link, but the hard-cover is a thing to have man, under the dust-cover is a golden hard cover , EPIC

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Thanks so much for the link dude!! I always keep my eyes peeled for his books when I'm out and about!

As for the video, it is kind of a clip-up, where Jones will say something like "demons from the below the third dimension!!" and then it cuts to Elon saying like "the holographic universe operates on the substrate". Essentially it's 15 minutes of them saying the same things, in different ways. Quite eye opening, but nothing you haven't seen before.

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I guessed as much about the video, I like the Alex Jones bit because it is 'comic book' level PkD, and delving into the nature of language and all it's related.

Cheers, I'm just into part II of the book because Part I relates to so much more reading material, PkD is like picasso: It's not the truth at all but he points so many flaws out that it's more than interesting.

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It seems like this is science starting to catch up to what the Dzogchen masters have been transmitting since forever to anyone open enough to hearing it.