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Can't wait for the religion where "I don't breathe air bro, it's alive".

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"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

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What if there are different levels of intelligence and contentiousness. I can act on a rock and manipulate it and contemplate it.

A rock can't contemplate manipulating me. I thereby am in the most prominent position to act being more intelligent that the other.

If the universe is infinite then physical arraignments that are said to be able to take action exist and exist in all degrees that is the distribution of stages of intelligence, until the maximal kind of intelligence possible. Therefor God exists.

Now sufficiently highly intelligent things are not only able to act on less intelligent systems in meaningful ways, but they can also manipulate them to take on forms that are more intelligent. A processor is more intelligent than a pile of sand. It got that way because we organized it. Similarly you being more intelligent than your children can influence them to be more intelligent later on.

Now a rock cannot direct anything to become more intelligent even though it can maintain its space using electron interactions and can maintain its structure with a structure on internal election interactions, something that hydrogen, less organized can't do.

Now you can similarly do the things a rock can. Higher intelligence things do not lose the abilities of lower intelligence things.

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Yeah! The holofractal! A nested sequence of intelligence all entwined and interacting, connected and together.