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Who is able to make war with the power-hungry beast? The Lord Jesus Christ shall make war with him and rescue his own. Those that call on Jesus in spirit and in truth shall be saved.

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Your tax dollars used to pay rocket dyne 100 times more to build the shit rockets the government used before space x. Space x is saving you billions in tax dollars.

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Saving money by spending money? If we wanted to save the money spent on these rockets, which we will never ride because they are not made for us, then we would save more money if we didn't pay for them at all. Let those that launch the rockets pay for their own rockets.

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What an over simplistic take. Obviously you are never going to stop all funding of all rockets. Which would also include all space related science. GPS, weather satellites, communication, astronomy, and on and on.

It is not "saving money by spending money" when spending money is not on option but something that is a given. Space x saves money by providing a much cheaper service than what we were using before space x ever existed.

You seem to be either brainwashed to hate space x because you eat up all the anti Musk propaganda the elite are pushing, or you are part of that propaganda machine. Your argument here flies in the face of intelligent, objective analysis of the situation.

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The propaganda machine pushes for war and the theft of resources, so that the rich (who own the propaganda machine) can get more rich. I am against the rich stealing from the poor. I am against war over materialistic goals. So no, my posts do not support the machine but are against it. That should be obvious.

Did you look at the screenshot I posted at the top? SpaceX has the word "dragon" of their page. They name part of their program after the Dragon. Do you think that is a coincidence? When you wake up to the spiritual war that we were born into, it makes a lot more sense. And I do not support God's adversary, but I wait on the Lord Jesus Christ. His sign will be seen in the heavens.... where SpaceX launches their craft and where they plan with arrogance to take ownership of other planets, including Mars, as their own. And it is not only them, but other military powers of the world that have entered the same race, but all in vain.

After the sign of the Son of man is seen in the heavens, the people of the earth will mourn. The Lord returns with power and great glory. It will be a shock to all those who refused to believe, because their hearts were cold. You, and anyone else, could repent and turn to the Lord for salvation before it is too late.

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The propaganda machine pushes for war and the theft of resources

Overly simplistic. The propaganda machine controls the public perception, sometimes to popularize war but more often for other purposes. In this case Elon Musk made himself an enemy of the kleptocrats by championing free speech. So the kleptocrats have turned their propaganda machine against him. When people like you attack Elon musk with convoluted arguments that is a participation in that propaganda. It is not rational to paint Space x as the bad guy responsible for "stealing money to build rockets people can't ride". That is a very stupid thing to say. Space x is saving tax payers billions while advancing rocket technology for the human race. Taking one of the great things Elon Musk has done and trying to spin it as a negative is the height of propaganda.

I am against the rich stealing from the poor.

If that were true you would be posting about the Federal Reserve, or the many ways the stock market is manipulated, or the bailouts, or the covid scam. Instead you are trying to spin Elon Musk saving the public billions of dollars as theft. Ass backwards bullshit.

SpaceX has the word "dragon"

word association is low brow propaganda. It means nothing. The name of the bill that takes away your constitutional rights is literally called the Patriot Act.