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Damn, I'm surprised on this site, this thread wasn't attacked. I guess the deck is shifting; good.

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Saidit is much better than reddit.

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Never did reddit, and happy with that decision in retrospect. I go for more the raw, and quick information that can be garnered from places like GLP. It's not all accurate, but much of it is; so discernment is necessary. I think my main dislike of this site, is there's always been a degree of virtue signaling from what I would assume more leftist leaning folks.

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The only sub worth going to on reddit is DAR

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no one except the rich could really buy slaves. now you can get someone to do more for you than a slave would do for you and cheaper because of the almighty dollar.

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I don't think it's the dollar that has created this international system of wage slavery. It's US military hegemony and the American legal system. Both of which are collapsing. We will probably soon return to a dark ages of slavery and broken infrastructure. Heck slavery has already made a return after Hilary knocked out Qaddafi.

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It was Hamilton and corporate bankers and politicians who created a paper money system sustained by an incorporated central bank through government backed bonds (debt).

Lincoln was a willing participants and now the American people are! Yah!!!

Say thanks to Rothschild, Warburg, Lehman, Stevens, Belmont (alias), Warburg, Seligman, Schiff and Loeb.

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US military and US courts force the rest of the world to use the dollar though. Obviously I think the fed is a big problem. I especially think it's a problem that this monopoly on creation of the dollar has essentially made a cabal of families trillionaires. Those trillionaires are exposed though if US military hegemony falls and they lose control of the narrative that controls western minds.

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I especially think it's a problem that this monopoly on creation of the dollar has essentially made a cabal of families trillionaires.

Indeed. And it never was in the best interests of the people.

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Repost. :-/

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Can you link the other thread where this was posted?