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We have made “All Lives Matter” a fireable offense.

Hahahaa. What a great place to work.

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It just blows my mind how after 9/11, America has seemed to completely cannibalize itself. We’re inching closer and closer to being islamophobic if we’re against terrorism. We’re bigoted if we don’t condone a pedophile’s sexual orientation and we’re racist if we think we should protect our borders. How the fuck? Why the fuck?

The way today’s Americans act towards justifies the theory that HAARP is alive and well or maybe the GMOs and/or water supply have effectively created willing American slaves.

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I think it indicates more that it's money that the 2 party system serves, rather than the people.

But the article is about facebook and they are out for viewtime and not being held accountable for mishaps, like human trafficking + child porn ect., by governments.

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I feel money has always been the main motivation for politics. Maybe the instant access of information via the internet has made it more obvious. I’m thinking maybe the 2 party system is not the same animal, but 2 very corrupt and separate animals attacking each other for the scraps of American conformity.