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I'm typing this on an old macbook pro running linux. I'm not aware of face id being required for anything yet, but that is definitely the direction apple (and everyone else) is going. If you are familiar with macOS I would recommend trying out Ubuntu.

It's pretty easy to create a live dvd or make a bootable USB drive and give linux a test drive without making any permanent changes to your computer.

If you decide you really like linux you can install it fully from the live dvd or usb drive.

No need to swap hard drives, but that's pretty easy too. All you need is a phillips head screwdriver (and maybe a torx driver). has tons of crowd sourced instructions and how-to videos.

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I say go hog wild and stop supporting any company that supports the Military Industrial Complex or that doesn't support your privacy. Plus you'll save money and have less to learn in the long run, less stressful changes. And anything you bought through Apple you have a legal or at least ethical right to pirate without the DRM. Or export it all.

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Excellent to learn about! And I know a trusted authority to ask for help. Fantastic. Really appreciate it. There is no help in the Forums and search engines that I can see. Unless I get to the last page of searches that may be coming for good searches is go to the end, not the beginning. But I would have never known this. Ubuntu sounds great.