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I'm guessing this is a planned strategy. Tesla is somewhat mature.

He's probably more interested in SpaceX, and wants to focus on getting to Mars. Getting to Mars in the kind of thing that cements your place in history for all time. No one remembers the second person that climbed Everest.

They'll also likely bring him back in two years, and the stock price will soar. Similar to what Jobs did for Apple.

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"The 40 million dollar tweet". Ouch.

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Well according to some it was a strategy to get rid of the shortsellers trying to ruin the company for profit. If that's the case and if it worked, 40 million to save Tesla is a bargain.

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There's always short sellers though, and likely they'll still be there until Tesla supply can meet demand.

If anything, getting removed as chairman would make the short sellers happy go away, but he could have just stepped down and saved the $.

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He was nothing but a figurehead for a military front.

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Yeah mean like Bruce Wayne stepping down as chairman of Wayne enterprise but continuing as CEO, because his vigilante military fury persona hobby costs too much time?