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  1. follow steps above
  2. get you some private email like ProtonMail, TutaNota, or
  3. sigh of relief

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How about Thunderbird? Firefox was compromised, TB too?

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Thunderbird is just an email client, it can pull your mail from these services above, or gmail. Not compromised.

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With Thunderbird it's no longer suspended in the cloud on some corporation's hard drive, with all the pros and cons that go with that.

Any chance there's anything new, comparable, or better?

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I think lots of people just use phone apps, and let the emails live on the cloud with the email provider. Protonmail has their own phone apps. Or they use the web interface for their email.

I'm paying like $3/yr or something, couldn't be happier.

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Even I could afford $3 a year though I can't even remember the last time I checked my email. My landlady wants me to for over a month now. It's a chore to me mostly. I have some nice correspondences with ex-girlfriends but they also make me wistful for the old glory days and I know they miss those days too, though they might change their tune if they saw what their stud-muffin turned into. Then again, I might too.

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Sounds neat and exciting whatever it is you are doing with that NAB thing.

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Google mail backup stores your information on the Google servers and Google uses this data to feed to an AI. I'd rather open a TutaNota or a Protonmail Account. They are safe and secure.