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I reinstalled the blizz launcher and noticed that Destiny 2 is on it, which struck me as weird, since they said years ago that the Activision Blizzard merger wouldn't affect them; They would remain autonomous.

I haven't personally played Blizzard games since WoW:WotLK, but that was because they started cutting content and selling it back to the customer at a steep price. However, I have heard plenty of their current structure, mainly in Overwatch, by Jim Sterling.

This is an overly-aggressive target marketing tool, one to be used to extract as much as possible from a particular market. If we have a Late Stage Capitalism subxes, this surely belongs there as well.

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Yeah it is amazing how few companies can resist the temptation to sell out to these awfully manipulative systems to gain more money.

I'd love to have a LateStageCapitalism sub, but with open comment sections unlike the one on reddit.

edit: I just made it:

If you want to do the honors of posting this over there, that'd be great.

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Got ya!

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