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personally using


it has better support for older hardware, easy to use, almost everybody can use it.

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    Yes and a lot more than that. Depending on which DNS resolver you choose. Some help to block ads and tracking by blocking DNS requests to those servers.

    Some use encryption to prevent censorship by your ISP and other man in the middle servers from blocking you DNS requests for sites they do not want you to access.

    There is also a good firewall included.

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      I think it is because our governments are all under the control of a cabal of global criminal elites that have been defrauding all our elections for decades. They know it is just a matter of time before the people wake up and realize this and try to organize a revolution to take them out. They think keeping us under surveillance will allow them to prevent that.

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      Thanks for the information. I didn't know much about website blocking. But but when my son began to stay on the Internet for a long time, I began to think about such programs. My friend showed me the site and I learned a lot of useful information for myself. Now I don't worry about my child. I can control all the content he views.