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It is called Linux.

Also debloats your brain from all the bullshit lies they are pissing into your face 24/7 (you even fucking pay for) about how "well" done their "usability" (dark-patterning) is. As a really nice and free "side"-effect.

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Just use Linux. Microsoft will eventually lock computer so we can't install any other operating system on it. Linux is the futur, I really wish I did the change earlier. You can boot Linux from a USB key to try it on your computer to see if everything work or check out if you are able to install everything properly. A few tips:

  • Start with Ubuntu, especially if your a computer noob.

  • If, for some reason, you cannot connect to internet, you can use a cell phone that you plug in the computer (as if you were charging) and then allow USB thetering and share wifi so you can install the needed driver to get internet.

  • Some beginner friendly tutorial (a linux journey).

  • Your favorite search engine is your friend. If your able to search properly, you should be able to solve most problems.

  • I recommend to have at least 3 hours to spend on using linux before thinking about using it for your regular computer task to properly get into it.

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Made the full-time switch to Linux about a year ago. No need to "debloat" it. It's leagues better (and easier) than it was just a few years ago. I'll never go back to the steaming shit pile known as Windows. There's a reason they gave away Windows 10 and 11, and it isn't because they're just a nice company! I was even able to get my wife to switch, and she's about as non-techie as they come, and she's had zero problems using it.

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Every single program like this that has ever been made follows the same trajectory of becoming outdated adware that is itself bloat. It is inevitable. Just make a text file with a list of the programs you like and do a clean install of windows every year or two.