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You didn't even tell us your OS much less your model and firmware version.

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It's a cheap gateway netbook running Windows 10.

My bad I could have given more details I don't know what a firmware version is.

I left it sitting it was locked up on the startup and I left it for like an hour and it finally came up into windows but it like takes forever to do anything I click on a command prompt link f*** it takes 5 minutes to open the command prompt but I can actually get in there and look at my files and whatnot but I can't get anything done it's running slow like a snail and I don't know what to do about it.

Thanks for your help in advance

All I can say is thank God it ain't my only laptop or I'd be stuck like Chuck I always keep two laptops running my software so that if one breaks the other one is still good

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Make a bootdisk for a forensics OS

Run virus/malware checks and do a disk check

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That's a very nice website with some very nice looking software on it but do you know what I think would be the most simple solution would be for me to buy a USB DVD drive for this thing and buy a Windows 10 CD or dvd and just reload the windows and start fresh.

I do appreciate your time.

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Did you have anything stored on it? You could at least get your personal files back. Unless they were encrypted.

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I can still get into it but it takes like 30 minutes to an hour for it to boot up and I could load up a thumb drive and copy anything to it that I want but it would take forever for it to do it what it's doing.

I don't know what it's wrong with it but it it's like it's frozen in a loop trying to do something it's like when I click on a command prompt link icon it takes like 10 minutes to open up the command prompt.

The real solution is for me to go through and copy any files off of it that I need and then just reinstall Windows.

Fk trying to repair it, but I do appreciate your advice and your attempt to help me. Nothing beats just completely making a reinstall of windows.

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Yeah thats what the fore sic bootdisk would be for

With the changed password i think its a low level virus. If it werent for that i would think a hard drive with damaged read heads. Hell there are viruses which can do that by causing them to slam against he stop

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I really appreciate your time and thank you for that nice link to that web page with those nice tools.

Please have an amazing wonderful day