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Evaporative cooler? I hear those don't work in Houston since our humidity is too high.

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It sprays a mist while the fan makes a breeze, so yes, it works on the same principle as how your body sweats to cool itself. But without air flow, sweat does not evaporate or cool the body. The air cooler definitely does not feel as refreshing as an air conditioner, but I would rather have this than nothing in a power outage. I remember years ago having no electricity and trying to sleep at night with no fan and no air flow while sweating and feeling uncomfortable. This cooler provides some comfort with a little off-the-grid power, even when the electric company fails to deliver power.

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Oh yeah, trying to sleep in heat is ridiculous. I think it was just last year my AC conked out in the middle of a brutal summer.

You remember all that talk of wet bulb temperature during that summer? There's just a certain point evaporation isn't cutting it anymore.

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wet bulb temperature

I am not familiar with that. But I agree it can feel hot even with an air cooler when the weather is oppressive.

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Yeah. They're basically small swamp coolers. Only suitable for dry climates with humidity in the 10-30% range for maximum cooling effectiveness. Everywhere else requires a proper A/C unit.

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Energy is conserved. You can't cool air without warming up something somewhere else.

Fans just move air about. Overall they will slightly warm it.

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ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤThis isn't about cooling the air. This is about cooling the body. As usual, you are missing the most obvious of factors. You are omitting the human factor.


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This isn't about cooling the air.

Hence my point. It's not an "air cooler".

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not content with posting his / her love for Stalin and the death camp operators

is compelled to post about perpetual motion machines

actually. come tho think of it, sloppy thinking is infectious.

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Bad take from a bot

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It looks like I struck a nerve in you by posting an historical fact about how Nazi Germany was defeated.

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