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Thanks, Orangutan, this is so important, especially in the bigger big brother picture.

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This is a similar problem to the Facebook algorithm of showing things you like. I believe this is a major contributing factor to the 'loudness' in peoples political views nowadays. The effect of these algorithms is a creation of echo chambers of one's own views, exposure to opposing views become less and less and then the ability to see things from another pov is more difficult. At that point you think it's impossible to think any other way than what you see all around you and anyone who does is stupid or uneducated or brainwashed etc etc. It's critical that these manipulations of information be removed or else we will continue down this path, understanding opposing views are necessary for forming a complete pov. A healthy society needs to understand where other people are coming from.

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Altavista? Is that you?

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Instantaneous and continuous book burning. The death of truth.

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I hate the google more and more by each day for this reason.