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People live with cognitive dissonance every day. It starts with our innate desire to live - no matter what, we are going to die someday, and there's nothing we can do about it. But we continue living without thinking about that all of the time, because if we couldn't we couldn't live effective lives.

In their same way, people want to believe they are acting virtuously, an idea advanced largely by the society that they live in. I can't admit that (for example) I genuinely don't give a fuck about the poor living conditions of people around the world that exist almost directly to drive my lifestyle, that by the standards of the USA are below average but by standards of the world are affluent. If I really had to care about that, I'd have to make really tough decisions and go against society to act on them. It's much easier to pretend that it isn't an issue.

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The reason why normies are so disconnected from all the depressed kids is the same reason they are disconnected from any other subgroup: they just dont understand them. Just like they dont understand furries, incels/mgtow, gamers, weebs and countless other subcultures and groups. And yet they try to claim that they understand the main point, understand the mentality, understand the cause. Thats why when they express their opinions about something it always sounds stupid or disingenuous to people who actually do understand those things. They have yet to find out that the only thing they know for sure is that they know nothing.

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My opinions are probably pretty controversial in regards to suicide, I agree with what you are saying. I think a lot of people tend to act as if they care about somebody who is suicidal, or they have some sort of hero-complex that makes them think they are good people. I've been in some really dark places before and used to use Reddit as a way to vent my fustration, and most of the replies were just copy/paste templates of one another. Usually referalls to suicide hotlines and such. It makes you wonder if they really think they're helping by posting those things or if they can honestly comprehend what you are going through.

Truth is they can't, there's always going to be a disconnect between those that are going through shit and those that aren't. It doesn't help when you feel like you're the only one experiencing it aswell, and all you are getting are the typical replies you would expect. It pisses me off to be honest.

I dunno, life is short and shit. :/

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Yeah the inability to understand isn't too different than what somebody else said here but i'm coming from a different direction. Kind of like how people are competitive but also i think a lot of people feel deep down that our world is a zero-sum game (which could be argued it really is) meaning less people you have to split the pie with means a bigger slice for yourself. I've lived quite a few years in a different country with a very different culture and in the US get that feeling much more that it's everybody's job to be concerned for themselves.

I guess you could call it being hypocritical... when it comes to suicide they act like such virtuous people but then if you were to examine many other areas of their life you would be able to see they really aren't.

EDIT: this george carlin bit feels somewhat correlated to my point here when he talks about how people are disingenuous when they hear about tragedy in the news.

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I don't know what you're talking about.. I'm awesome as fuck!

Jokes aside.. I think I know where you are getting at. I'm still unsure of my own feelings. All I know is that I'm sad and confused.

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Most suicides are men, who are expendable. When a female does it, it's a tragedy.

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People virtue signal as a way to project positive space you dolt. Being honest and greeting someone as a fat fuck doesn't start the conversation in a good way for getting stuff done.

Are you some Russian shill looking to project negativity into the country? Mind your own fucking business and let civilized people do what civilized people need to do in order to have some sanctity and community.

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Spoken like a true fat fuck, lol

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So what if I like my chocolate cake?!

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I love it, not gonna lie

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All-american that just prefers honest negativity over fake positivity.

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Well if you want honest negativity than here it is: Life is despair and you are ruled by idiots. There is no hope so welcome to the meandering grind of pointless effort. May you have a long life though, which is what everyone desires; with all the mental fluctuations and emotions.