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This is the post that got me banned within the hour from r/unpopularopinion. Wasn't very surprised i got banned, i guess, at this point. Still had fun having people read it there for an hour and getting their panties in a bunch.

Mods thinking they're the ones with power when they have to ban someone out of fear of their words and ideas.

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It could be Jen Wong and her SJW Anti-Evil team. They even removed a negative news article about Biden in /r/conservative. Like what the fuck.

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I'm guessing they pulled the "nO PoLiTiCs" excuse out of their ass - despite the fact that it isn't even that political, and I bet my shirt that you could probably get away with putting up "women are better than men" on that sub.

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  • maybe it is worth repeating that without women the human race would disappear.

  • women get to live longer. so they inherit all the wealth and are ultimately the ones deciding what to do with it.

  • traditionally at least, women are the ones raising all the children, so it is primarily them shaping our minds.

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This is 1 of the comments i got on Reddit and my reply to him:

This is not about what value women offer but who would you personally rather be if you could choose. (not talking about being trans, lol)

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Get out of here muslim diarrhea.

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Hmm? I'm not advocating at all for taking away any of their freedoms. Purely talking about how we seem to be evolved.

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Women have evolved DIFFERENTLY from men. They aren't inferior in any way. To think in such ways is part of a mentality of division between men and women. And this mentality is FUNDAMENTALLY ANTI-HUMAN.

You are either pro-human or anti-human.

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Both genders are fundamental to the species, yes. Maybe if we went back to a time before the rise of individualism your point would hold more merit. But along with individualism has come a loss of emphasis on gender roles and with less emphasis on gender roles it becomes less about the 2 genders being good for different things and more about who's got the better package as a whole. I guess in general, the male gender fits the construct of individualism much better, everybody competing against one another and trying to distinguish oneself. I guess this is why communism feels more like a feminine idealogy and capitalism more masculine. Which fits what we see in the political spectrum as a whole. (feminism is far left which is also where communism is)

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Have you heard of the Desperate Housewives tv show?

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Being masculine is not exclusive to men and being feminine is not exclusive to women. Just because we may behave a certain way as a result of our environment doesn't change what our nature is. If i had to put a number to it, i'd say that women naturally have around 5% of that competitive drive with other women that men have with other men. But again, our environments have big effects on us, which i think is why nowadays we see a lot of competitiveness between the genders that i don't think is very natural.

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Oh crap I just realized this is posted in unpopularopinion, haha. :-P

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As a man in some areas its better to be a woman and anyway because you're a little bit physically privileged doesn't mean you're better. I absolutely disagree, and it's quite literally sexism.