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But for the rest of us, we need to get the virus at some point to get it over with

The CV is an old virus. CV-19 is not a pandemic superbug.

Everyone who "died" from it would also have died of they caught the flu. I'm not aware of and actual proof that this virus was ever completely isolated.

CV is a tool for the controlled demolition of the global economy, and a PsyOp to control us with fear.

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Everyone who "died" from it would also have died of they caught the flu.

Even then, the numbers were inflated. The best argument the proponents of lock-downs have is the fact that 80% of people who contract it have mild or no symptoms and thus it is far more contagious than most viruses - but that also means it's weaker than many viruses too. (China makes thing so cheap, even their intentionally-spread virus ends up being weak)

CV is a tool for the controlled demolition of the global economy, and a PsyOp to control us with fear.

It's working too, I don't even care if I have to go the the bar with a mash on for a while, it'd be a good excuse to drink libations w/ a straw.

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Thanks, it seems more welcoming than Reddit already.

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As long as the hospitals are not overwhelmed, nothing should be shut down, imo.

The whole "flattening the curve" thing was to lower death rates by preventing hospitals from being overwhelmed. Hospitals are not overwhelmed, and in fact most are half-empty right now. Furthermore the growth rate of the disease plateaued many weeks ago.

Yes the growth will accelerate from opening things up, but that's to be expected. As long as hospitals aren't overwhelmed, lockdowns for the healthy do basically nothing, as 70% will get it anyway, lockdown or not. It's just the rate that changes, so locking down only draws this thing out.

And if someone is high-risk they need to take care of themselves to safeguard against that, just like with previous flu seasons. We cannot grind the world to a halt over something that has a 0.3% mortality rate, it's just nonsensical. Back when we thought it was a 3-4% mortality rate, that behavior made sense. But now that 44 studies have shown a median mortality rate of 0.3%, it's clear this is just a bad flu in terms of how we should react to it. It's not the black death like we thought in the beginning.

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"not the black death like we thought in the beginning...". Who exactly is the "we" here? You and the rest of the mainstream media? Who thought this was the black death? You and the other fear mongering people? See this is the narrative we're going to get from the people who have been fear mongers from the beginning. A backpedaling to justify why they believed what they believed. These are the same people who just weeks ago where shouting from the rooftops that everyone was going to die if we didn't shut down immediately. Totally laughable. Fear is a power emotion and they played off it perfectly this time. No one who was critically looking at the data from the start had thoughts about this being the black death or anything of the sort. It seems like those kinds of fear mongering ideas only came from people being fed a narrative. And now you're being spoon fed a narrative of backpedaling because of X, y, or z. W.e the reason you and many other people were part of the fear mongering. That needs to recognized so in the future it doesn't happen again.

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i agree that, from the beginning, if one critically examined the numbers it was clear there was in no way a 3-4% mortality rate. The WHO and the CDC knew damn well that was the case. They were reporting the 3-4% mortality rate as "pandemic numbers" while not taking any asymptomatic/unknown cases into account as they do with the flu and related illnesses. In the case of the flu for 2018-2019, out of 34,000 deaths, an additional 35.5 million estimated asymptomatic/unknown cases were taken into account. I do not believe it's possible that an agency who's responsible for reporting and tracking disease to mistakenly make this error, and were absolutely complicit in inciting fear and panic - along with the MSM.

I don't agree that magnora7 was fear mongering though. At the beginning, he flat out said that if the numbers didn't start add up after a month or something he would re-evaluate. It's up to him as an individual to critically look at different sources of information and make his own decisions, as we all should do. While it was not clear to him in the beginning as it was to others, at least he did critically evaluate it for himself.

Fear and panic have long been used to sway the masses. You would think that here in the "information age" there would be better understanding and better discernment, but no. Instead, now many people just believe whatever thier dumbphone tells them without finding diverse viewpoints for themselves to critically evaluate information. It comes down to the individual, and until the majority of individuals hold and value their sovereignty by thinking for themselves, I'm afraid history will likely repeat itself. But, this is why I am here on Saidit, to be able to express and learn from differing viewpoints.

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Thank you for the well thought out comment. Most of it I can agree with but the fact is if you look at magnora comments starting from a month ago and going back he was def fear mongering. He was spouting the mass media narrative line for line. How is that not fear mongering? Granted he has now slowly changed his position but that is my point. All the people, including politicians etc, will start doing this now. It was be a slow progression to a new narrative of backpedaling because of X, Y or Z reasons. To say someone was critically looking at the data from the beginning but also spouting mass media narratives doesn't make sense.

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Yea, I disagree magnora was fear mongering. I don't see where he was spouting the mass media narrative line for line. He was saying that if the numbers don't turn out to what they said they were going to be then it's "clear the lockdowns are not for our health anymore":

I think it's also possible for someone to critically look at information and be wrong.

I agree there will be politicians who will say "well we just didn't know" etc, just as they said that no one expected that planes would fly into the twin towers when they had a written scenario for that exact situation. Of course, politicians are professional hypocrites with a personal agenda. I really have not seen magnora try to sway others on this site one way or the other, only state his opinion. I have a hard time seeing what agenda he would have running this site and not making money off of it. I dunno, perhaps he's getting paid by some alphabet agency to run this as a honeypot, but I don't think so.

This COVID-19 pandemic absolutely has been manufactured. Some seem to be backpedaling, while others seem to be doubling down. The media narrative keeps bringing up a 2nd wave. Wouldn't it be a coinky dink if the 2nd wave actually did have a large mortality rate?

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So they allege. The real reasons for all this is to consolidate wealth and power and control.

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And if someone is high-risk they need to take care of themselves to safeguard against that, just like with previous flu seasons.

We should have let evolution run it's course and weed off some weak people anyway - if they wanted to survive they should have been responsible. Sad reality, but that's just the nature of the beast. I am not insensitive towards older people either as this is all coming from someone who found his own 85-year-old grandmother dead from a heart attack on the floor (I came to her house to do my regular daily/bi-daily visit).

Most of our leaders responses to COVID-19 have the fallacy of good intentions while not thinking of the results that lie ahead. Good intentions might be "we need to keep people safe" but the reality is confining everyone to their homes or shutting down places left & right has many unintended consequences like people loosing their businesses, unimaginably high unemployment, likely increase in suicides, people not having their immune system exercised/exposed, and to people like me working/school from home (online college w/ a full coarse load was a bitch, WAY too distracting at home and other reasons)

Sorry there was a 2-day delay, I was in the middle of writing this and I left the tab where I typed this open.

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Don't know if this would be an unpopular opinion on this site. Most people would agree with this statement. There have been some fear mongering folks on this site, with some top influencers being the main perpetrators, but overall think most people here would agree with this sentiment. This whole pandemic has been manufactured. We've been tricked and now some people are trying to backpedal to save their egos or w.e. It's sad and laughable all at the same time.

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This whole pandemic has been manufactured.

If this were a couple months ago, I wouldn't buy that when we weren't as sure about everything. Now, I know better and realize that this pandemic has been use as an anti-Trump/anti-American/anti-conservative weapon: A massive excuse to fuck up everything Trump & his supporters made happen in the past 3 years.

People like Dr. Fauci need to keep up with the data NOW and not go by the extremely exaggerated "gloom and doom" data from March, plus he gave $7.4M to the lab where this virus came out of.

And on top of it all: Fuck China.

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And this is what everyone who was fear mongering a few weeks ago will say now. Thank you for proving my point my friend.