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Porn is so overrated though! Porn is just an addiction waiting to happen and it replaces real human contact.

It’s so easily accessible for free on other websites so why bring it here? I feel like after reddit, traffic has picked up here and it’ll only grow. Why not have pure growth?

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I don't disagree with the sentiment but I'm not idealistic. Legal porn is a form of free speech and a driver of a lot of traffic.

The unpopularopinion was spawned when I read an intro from a GC refugee. Something to the effect that deadIT banned all these subs but there were still all these porn subs at there. There must be a reason, or at least I think there is, those subs didn't get banned too. IMBO, the success of deadIT was the rainbow of subs. The failure was trying to filter out some of the colours.

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I know the subs you’re talking about that haven’t gotten banned. I agree with the latter part that reddit was successful with little moderation however I do believe it was needed to an extent. Remember the cp sub? I believe that porn brings in some nasty characters and sub awful subs.

So you would like porn as a selling point to bring people in to create this rainbow of subs. I’m just afraid of how rainbow it might get

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You can find porn just about everywhere on the internet.
Except here.

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What Saidit needs is more cute and funny memes and videos. You know, wholesome shit. Reddit was like a minefield when you were trying to browse r/all for some hilarious dog vids. After the first page it was littered with nsfw posts of green haired trogs attention whoring their bits. I mean, I get it...I was young once too, but just because you have discovered your genitals doesn't mean they are shareable.

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Porn complicates moderation and site management. For that reason it's probably not a good fit here. Saidit isn't ad-supported like Reddit so it's not like the admin team can afford to hire people to police for CP within porn subs. Porn also draws in sex workers, which is a risky gambit in the age of SESTA/FOSTA.

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Go on pornhub. Porn will bring neckbeards on here, I don't want that.