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trump has accomplished nothing of consequence. trump inherited a strong economy from Obama, can you name executive orders or legislation trump introduced that had a positive affect on the American economy?

Unemployment is currently at 11%, if trump was not incompetent and did not bungle his covid19 response the American economy would be stronger right now. There are currently 26 republican governors in power and trump never called them all to DC to come up with a plan to open their states up for business ASAP.

trump had a majority in both houses of congress for over a year and due to sheer incompetence, trump failed to get his party in line to allocate funding for a new southern border wall.

With a majority in both houses of congress for over a year, trump failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

trump's incompetence in handling covid19 resulted with trump giving Americans $2 trillion in welfare, he's supposed to be the "jobs president", not the welfare president.

John Lewis, like trump, has done nothing good for Americans.

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trump inherited a strong economy from Obama

so Obama then inherited the foundation for everything from Bush Jr??