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That might be one of the reasons but I believe some peoples brains are malfunctioning due to excess heavy metals (eg. vaccines, tooth fillings, processed food, tap water) and mineral deficiencies... Combined with the stress of an unnatural lifestyle, living in big cities shrouded in EMF and self-medication of alcohol, illicit/big pharma drugs.

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Why do you think that so many people claim to have a mental illness? Got any good stats, or are you just constantly exposed to the far SJW new left on Twitter because you read their shitposts like me?

If you included "temporary depression" as a mental illness, and counted in a 10 year increment, then sure, 75% of people are "mentally ill".

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The best thing to do is compare rates between countries with similar socio-economic conditions. Then you can see if a certain place has a culture of over diagnosis because in theory people's brains work the same way the world over. (Spoiler the US does)

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over diagnosis

Not to mention all the self diagnoses by people with their MDs from the University of Google Medical School.

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Yeah, I imagine we'd see huge rates of medicated ADD/ADHD diagnosis and some others.

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I wouldn't even say they are misdiagnosed. More often than not, those people are self-diagnosing to feel special.