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We can't solve why humans become corrupt with power, it always happens sooner or later. Giving them more decisions to make for you is a horrible idea. Car/business permits usually (at least ideally) have to do with optimizing your immediate community's needs according to the local values. It works when people can directly see who and why is behind the decision-making process. Powerful (spanning the whole country or even countries) permits of any kind, let alone having kids, creates a massive risk of centralizing power and inevitably it attracts assholes who abuse it. This is the current state of China, and N. Korea. China had permits for kids, you can look up how it went. Centralizing power is a huge weaklink and also an obvious target for corrupt people who want power. The only way to avoid it is to decentralize power as much as possible... but this doesn't mean you can't defer certain decisions to LOCAL authorities that presumably live and care about the people in the area. The local part is what makes it decentralized, all cities with their own way of doing things, instead of a central authority dictating what they should do. Again even if at one point that dictator is benevolent, rest assured there is a line of assholes trying to remove that person, if the benevolent dictator isn't just a facade to fool people already.

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are you replying to me? i think you missed the point of my post bud

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Was just commenting, maybe I missed some points, sorry.

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I wasnt talking about giving up rights or permissions/communism but how certain things are put forward as rules for the better of the community and yet somehow one of the most damaging things possible is just left at the whims of chance and the rest of society is on the hook. hell i need a damn permit to go fishing in salt water now! I mainly think parents today are shit and their kids are shitheads and maybe some regulation needs to be put in place since the libs love regulation so much. Being a bit of an ass mainly.

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Getting your policy ideas directly from the CCP I see. You should go live there for a few years to see how that worked out for the people of China.

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why bother, itll be here in about 3 years.

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I dont get why you need a permit to own a firearm, permit to drive a car, permit to run certain businesses, permit to even work in some trades yet the most dangerous of all things you dont need a permit for?

Because most tyrannies collapse before reaching that point. Bureaucrats and educators with their circle of legitimization aren't as wise as they claim to be.

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nope, plus more and more offspring usually yields worse and more low income results. So just more fodder for their finger pointing morality blame machine. Would you believe I put this same topic on reddits unpop sub and it was instantly pulled lol. what retards.

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What about accidents? Would you force abortions? What if they are pro-life? There's a lot of holes in this.