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I've seen both sexes doing all these things. Nowadays, people think that blindly following their natural impulses is some kind of a virtue.

Love, when not carefully cultivated, can't survive in this ever-changing world. Unless you're one of the luckiest people to live.

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When men and women fight, its almost always the man who needs to initiate reconciliation.

When men and women fight, women are the ones who ghost and disappear.

This is cultural. In most white cultures it's the case but in Western black culture it's the woman who has to make amends. If you look at the current state of black families you'll see why white men are happy to keep it that why. This is also born out in mixed race marriages. Marriages of white women and black men have the highest breakup rate because neither will do the apologising and will both walk out while marriages of black women and white men have the lowest divorce rate.

This while thread is nothing to do with love. It's the cultural expectations of who does the shit eating in a relationship. It might be tough for men in the moment but they actually get a lot of benefits from it, more relationship/family stability, which is why that culture continues. Meanwhile black women are having to now set up things like Female Dating Strategy to try to force their relationships into that culture. Maybe follow their tips if you want to be the princess for a change.

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There's no downvoting here.

Your personal experiences are simply that, personal experiences. That doesn't account for all lived experiences, and blanket statements such as these make you sound extremely sheltered and incapable of perceiving things from a different viewpoint or asking others about their own experiences.

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they'd sooner seek false love from a pet, than actually work to reconcile with their partner.

How's that false love?

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Sounds like you got your heart broke, buddy! Give it some time.

You've got some pretty unhealthy relationship views. Specifically, doing whatever the other partner wants unconditionally is not part of most relationships. That's a fetish.

I don't mean this mean but if you've been through the emotional wringer take some time to learn yourself and get some perspective. Trying to patch your life up with a 'better' relationship won't work.

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Hard truth: The person who loves the least; controls the relationship.

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The underlying basis of what you're saying is generally true, although there are exceptions.

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You should meet better women.

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No u

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Men and women are different. The Yin to our Yang. If People spent half the time they spent bitching and moaning trying to understand each other, we'd be a lot better off. Women feel things and react differently than men do. We should be trying to understand how to navigate it, not crying because they aren't exactly like us.