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Yes, pretty much. The problem with peeking behind this curtain is that you can't unsee.

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Yes humans are herd animals. You can't fight reality, so accept it. The only meaningful freedom we have is to choose our tribe. Modern culture is pure evil, so leave modern culture and join a better tribe. And then pray for the extermination of modern culture since it threatens all other tribes.

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I can't fight it, but someone will beat it. One day all of your nonsense will come crashing down and you'll see your enemy destroyed along with yourselves. Both denying and glorifying reality is cope. It conceals the pain short-term but it ends up creating more problems in the end. Wake up and learn to outwit your flesh's evil nature.

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Even the freest possible human community is very close to communism in absolute terms.

Of course. We are a community species. Humans are at their best when they cooperate and work together for a common cause that is why team sports are such an obsession in society. They represent our evolutionary history and that is also why these words, 'community, common, commune and communism' are synonymous. True communism is a socio-economic system based on the human community ideology that promotes working together for the common good. The opposite is to promote division and conflict within a populous. Red and Blue. Fox and CNN. Black and White, GOP and Dem etc etc etc.

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Tell me, just how do you think such tyranny is a good thing?