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I think most "racism" is mislabeled cultural bias. The IAT, or Implicit Awareness Test, has shown racial bias, even black on black bias. The theory is that people have bias based on how POC are portrayed on television or by society. I don't think they've gone deep enough, meaning that people naturally associate skin color to cultural behavior, not the other way around. Stereotyping and generalization is part of human reasoning and problem solving. I feel that the current push to force POC in advertisements and television and movie roles is more for POC to break these cultural boundaries than for non-POC to accept them into theirs.

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Black people are getting shot and killed locally by other black people at 1 to 4 a week and we are not a big city. They are shooting each other all the time. When they get busted and go to court the judge lets them go so they can go back to the hood to get shot for paybacks. No fuss, no muss, no county jail, and no more court costs.

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For people who don't know wtf I mean, there was a huge amount of propaganda money put into music. They wanted to capture the young minds and use sweet ass music that hinted at what would become your demise if you listened to it.

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Blacks have no culture language history anything. Any "culture" they have is stolen from or a reaction against the race they live next to or are enslaved by.