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Most marriages in the West last. The divorce rate is only 40% so while it's a lot it's still a minority. For college educated people on their first marriage it's closer to 20%.

Sorry you fucked up but your experience isn't the norm. Love isn't just the initial chemical hit, people's brainwaves and heart beats sync up when they are in an intimate relationship. You have to want that kind of intimacy though.

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Been with my wife 22 years, still love her.

The feeling of falling in love caused by oxytocin doesn't last. Some people chase this. But what you need to do for a long term relationship to succeed is build those initial feelings of love and lust into a lasting partnership.

Real love isn't feeling butterflies in my stomach when you see someone, it's things like making the wife lunch for work because I care about her and her well-being.

It's you and them vs. the world.

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