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This might blow your mind but pizza is not American food.

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Yes modern pizza sucks. But if we had a time machine, I promise you that I could find some New York pizza that would wow you. Food from non-western countries like China and Mexico haven't decayed as much because America keeps getting immigrants from these places who aren't yet modern scum, and so are still capable of cooking.

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Pizza is my favorite. You can fancy it up if you like. But plain old tomato sauce, lots of oregano. Parmesan cheese. Good bread.

It’s not special. But it is delicious.

Mexican food has lots of flavors. Lots of spices. You get the best seafood. You get the best ingredients. Mexican food is pretty amazing.

Chinese food is a lot of fat and carbs. It’s a lot like pizza, but I like the tomato sauce. Chinese is delicious, but not special like Mexican.

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You sound fun!