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English is terrible, I mainly object to the wildly inconsistent grammar and phonetic rules. As a language, it is terribly designed. I learned some Korean, and that is a very elegant and consistent language.

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Is it consistent? I've heard that it's extremely difficult to learn. I watch a lot of Korean media, and learning would be convenient. I've heard even native speakers say that it's difficult though.

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The grammar rules and phonetics are rigidly consistent compared to English. It is difficult to learn, but I find for me at least, the difficulty is relative only to only other European languages, because we don't share word roots and alphabets and grammar rules at all.

It is much easier to learn than Mandarin for instance. The grammar is very very similar to Japanese, but the written aspects of Korean are far more elegantly simple than Japanese

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Korean speakers crash planes and English speakers don't.

Not sure what my point is but there's something in it.

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Well, I understand you. But it seems to me that you are not obliged to learn a language that you do not like, especially since you have a mental block. Personally, I like to learn different languages a little and I want to share with you a lesson with which you will learn love phrases in different languages of the world. It's a pretty cool idea to make a declaration of love to the person you love.