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It's got everything but a decent paint job! Looks like fun.

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Watching these demo videos is entertaining, relaxing, and dream worthy. I avoid manufacturers sales videos and go for the reviewers reviews. I'm getting pretty educated. This is a cool custom one. But Winnebago Revel is a nearly perfect sprinter 4x4.

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Oh yeah, the Revel looks awesome. A bed that comes down from the ceiling, and a fold out sunshade like an RV.

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lol, one major flaw, no cb radio, rofl.

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I've become addicted to this kind of video so I can interpret. As stated early in it, she is introducing certain aspects of this new custom sprinter (chassis) in this one. Another will expand on other stuff, maybe she said the tech, the tv, and if you can get her CB handle, roger. I always want to know in a Class B if its a dry shower or wet - about the bathroom. Can see she prefers outside showers but a 4x4 imo should be winterized.