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According to leftist thought, it's a human right to live in proximity to White people, and to receive welfare handouts from them. That core distinction makes a load of difference in outcome. Whites and other races can get along fine, we've been doing it for hundreds of years. Doesn't mean we should subsidize dysgenic breeding for any of them (welfare), or that they have an intrinsic right to occupy our homelands (open borders / unlimited immigration).

White, Asian, and jewish men are the only ones (on average) that are net contributors to a nation's coffers. Everyone else drains them.

That being said, I laughed. The form of racism many on the left possess is hilarious - Black Israelites are some of the most entertaining people on earth.

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All true, but of course they frame it differently. They would say that white people OWE them "reparations" because all white wealth was stolen from non whites. They would say that Whites and other races did not get along fine for hundreds of years, because for thousands of years whites were colonizing, enslaving, robbing, and suppressing others. That without that all races would be equally wealthy and powerful.

So what would you say to the argument that wealth begets wealth; meaning that every bit of wealth you have increases your ability to accrue wealth in a feedback loop that essentially makes it so the first person to become wealthier is destined to not only remain wealthier but also capture increasingly more resources compared to the initial loser. So if one were to look back into history and find evidence that the wealthy started that journey with theft that it does not matter if they continue to accrue wealth by stealing it can still be asserted that their wealth is the result of theft?

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I'd settle with starting by just making things fair. That's a tall ask considering the entire system is rigged against 99.999% of all people of all colours, serving the ruling class Zionists.

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That was just perfect.

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The woke left and nazi germany agree that Japanese people are basically honorary aryans.

Think about that for a second.

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The Jew fears the Samurai.

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Yeah but the Japanese haven’t bought any of the left’s BS lately.

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Thank God.

One thing is, I don't know how these folks can be opposed to cultural imperialism yet directly try to engage in it towards every other country.

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that was amazing!!!

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I’m gonna have to log back into FB for the first time in weeks just to share this. Dangerous times ahead.

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This and the NYT editor resignation actually give me hope.

I recently found it that the current white bf to my black ex-gf is going around to his white friends, wishing them a happy Covid (okay I made that part up kinda) and asking them if they’d like a black perspective on the current race issues. What’s still a major “oops, your bad, girl,” from me to her is that moved to a rather white racist area for him shortly pre-Covid and is “feeling isolated when manufacturing homemade masks.

Meanwhile, the daily violence of BLM continues here as well, unreported as well.