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While flying over Santa Catalina Island I saw a US navy ship dumping trash and oil back in 2009, was ordered to land at long beach where I had to delete all the videos I took of the ship dumping. Was three people from the FAA and two cops so I had no choice.

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One of the best videos I've seen via Saidit. If only the MSM would bother to discuss this and other corporate abuses.

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water shortage and water pollution is perhaps one of the most serious problems that faces humanity.

when we dont have water to drink, will you be able to buy water with your bitcoins?

when the cows do not have water to drink, will you be able to purchase a hamburger or a steak with your money or gold?

when there is no fresh water to grow potatoes, how much will one potato cost at your grocery store?

btw, the bees are dying, and my personal theory is that the problem is that we are killing the bees with pesticides and other chemicals.

humanity is killing itself.