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The youtuber Serpedoza is a shill btw, caught several times for lying. China's ghost cities usually take 5-10 years to fill up and then they don't become ghost cities anymore, obviously. There are several projects that don't work out, but it's not really a high percentage. That's basically it.

Couple examples of this dude lying:

E.g. 1: He and his friend claimed that China purposely removed black ppl from their movie posters for Dune because the Chinese were racists.

E.g. 2 Serpedoza and his friend claimed the CCP were "after" them and wanted to arrest them. They only "escaped" China by going through customs via the Shenzhen-HK port.

  • Problem is that if China's really after you, it only takes 7 minutes for them to find you through their CCTV cameras:

  • Going through customs via the Shenzhen/HK port isn't any different than any other customs. They either have fingerprinting or facial recognition and you're name is on the goddamn passport. It's not like they just ignore your passport and let you through. How the fuck did they get through the system?

E.g. 3

Pro-China youtubers, like Daniel Dumbrill, have debunked/exposed these guys countless times:

I mean sure, you can say the dude is biased, but Serpedoza literally is unable to provide any counterarguments. To the point where he won't accept any one on one debates:

Dumbrill has done a few debates/interviews against CIA backed entities, to the point where they've told their ppl not to interview with him anymore as he's been exposing their lies:

Also note, the anti-imperialists who have been exposing fake mainstream news on Ukraine have also been exposing fake news on China. Case in point, ex-US marine Brian Berletic who's currently living in Thailand:

The Grayzone, which exposed fake news on Russiagate two years before any other mainstream platform have also been exposing mainstream lies on China:

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Thanks for the info, I didn't realize he was so controversial. Much appreciated