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Some people think everything in the whole goddamn world is secretly Jews. This, notably, is not an exclusive trait of conspiracy theorists that're paranoid about Jews, and in fact includes many Jews, as being a moron transcends culture.

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Whoa. Guess there's a whole lotta shit that is Jews. Still highly doubt magical spirits from Japan are, though.

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Yeah, but Jews do travel though. They have a tendency to be pretty shitty to some of the people they encounter. So some travelers move to some valley and a legend develops: Hey, there are some weird looking people in that valley, they are kind of shit people. And then it gets passed down and hyperbolized. Eventually becomes daemons.

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There are linguistic similarities between Japanese and Finnish as well.

Jews are not remotely similar to Japanese in terms of physiognomy or culture, two things that would be required for any genetic tie to exist since culture is downstream from genetics and physiognomy is obviously directly related. Jews trying to insinuate themselves into Japan is just part of their usual subversion and deconstruction of traditional societies.

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There is some similarity between the temples but there is one place in Japan that has Jesus' footprint. This is a legend and seems to have no basis whatsoever.