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Just like my grandparents popped popcorn.

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First get a wood stove.

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wood stoves are overrated. First time you light them, they go up in smoke. Get a metal one that burns wood, those are better.
A wood-burning stove is the way to go. Rookie mistake.

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Wood stove =/= wooden stove.

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The debil you say! That kind of code is blasphemy.
Our English queen will not be mocked by the likes of your mathematical mumbo jumbo!

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There ain't a thing you can do about it. Yes, ain't.

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There ain't a thing you can do about it. Yes, ain't.

Fee, fie, foe, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishmen. There ain't a word such as ain't, the bloke who says so has sniffed the taint!
Don't be a swinger, be a saint.

Sir, I detect thou art bent!
Convert, and be heaven sent. The nose knows that foul scent, ain't is a putrid taint.
Repent quickly, and be thou a saint!

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^ How to say you were raised by a single mother without saying you were raised by a single mother, lmao

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My parents divorced when I was a baby. Why is this funny to you?

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The premise of the post is funny, as it's a skill fathers traditionally teach their sons at a young age. It's like making a post saying you just learned how to change a tire

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a skill fathers traditionally teach their sons

On a camping wood stove? Are these really that common?

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I'm really bad at making fires.

I need to practice that first.

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Amazon order

Absolutely haram.

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I didn't understand your comment.

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I'm saying it's immoral to buy from Amazon.

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You are allowed to have that opinion, but why did you say that here under a post about cooking popcorn, which said nothing about that corporation?

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Because I saw an Amazon box. It's just a joke, though.

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Ahh, OK. Those boxes are in my burn pile. The Amazon name will be burning soon. I prefer not to use Amazon, but it is hard to find good companies that sell good products. The most common thing I order is organic food.

Walmart has the best deals in my area, and I also don't like to give them so much business. I recently tried a different company: Azure. I was happy with my first order, so I just placed a second order. But the shipping cost is significant. It's hard to beat the free shipping of Amazon Prime and the low prices of Walmart.

But all of these stores, whether local or online will soon no longer accept the US dollar, and then the only people who will be able to buy will be those that sell their soul to the beast and take his mark.... the mark of the beast. My time shopping in this world is nearly done. And after Jesus returns, all of the corrupt works of man shall burn and be no more.

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Heh, I actually get it, regarding making your last bunch of purchases. I got everything important from my wish list this year and now I do online purchases now and then. But I prefer supporting local stores.

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If you go to YouTube and you search for "fresnel cooking", you will see that you can use this lens that comes off the front of an old big screen TV to make really hot heat and you can cook with it I guess..

I suspect that this Fresnel lens is way underrated.

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Good now I don't need to hear your childish mouth anymore.

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Are we talking about when the grid goes down, and stays down? Popcorn will be the least of your worries. Within 48 hours groceries stores will be looted, there will be no gas for cars so you get one drive somewhere with what is in your tank. And then you stay there while vigilantism takes over.

Or is that too much?

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The best way to prepare is to turn away from sin before the chaos comes, and turn to the Lord. His word has examples of people living in times similar to what you described.... and how he led the faithful through it. Example: The Hebrews left the bondage of Egypt and fled to the wilderness. There was no electricity there and no stores and yet they lived there 40 years. They were given angel food to eat. And God fought for them against their enemies. Those that do not believe in God's mercy and continue in sin are on their own, and they will be filled with worry, with no rest day nor night.

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I cook with gas already. All set for the apocalypse.